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Google SketchUp for Interior Design & Space Planning
Four courses to learn how to master SketchUp in Interior Design
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Google SketchUp brings together several important features for people who want to venture into the use of design software. It offers a short learning curve, gratifying results right away, low cost of investment in training and in software, and an open platform that provides libraries of all types. Much has been written for using Google SketchUp in the building shell and its relationship to the environment or the site. Less help has been provided to interior designers who work every day with materials, textures, lights and colors. Students need to know the available tools and how they can apply them in specific cases to a particular discipline. Fundamental concepts, ideas on how to create objects and interior spaces, tips and practical exercises are what this book offers. Rather than endless lines of explanatory text this hands-on book is a compendium of practical exercises that lead students to learn SketchUp from the perspective of the interior designer.
These books offer four separate courses progressing in complexity. They can be read as one source or be consulted separately for those who already have experience with Google SketchUp. At the end of every course you will find practical exercises that will broaden your experience in the acquired knowledge. These resources enable students to think about how the knowledge can be applied to any situation.
At the end of the four courses you will be able to express your ideas to others in a more efficient and attractive way. Illustrating the “feel and look” of a space will allow others to understand what you have in mind and will help you in your career success quality.

Training course 1. Developing Basic Skills Learn more

sketchup book 1

Price $22.00 (PDF file). Price $39 (printed)

Training Course 2. Acquiring Intermediate Skills Learn more

sketchup book 2

Price $18.00 (PDF file). Price $32 (printed)

Training course 3. Materials and Textures, the key for Interior Design Learn more

sketchup book 3

Price $18.00 (PDF file). Price $29 (printed)

Training Course 4. How to communicate your ideas in a convincing way Learn more

sketchup book 3

Price $20.00 (PDF file). Price $34 (printed)


Designing Kitchens with SketchUp

One course to learn how to use SketchUp in this important industry

Many kitchen designers have used for years specialized software to make designs fairly quickly. The main benefit of this type of software is its catalogue of kitchen cabinets, as well as the instant pricing information. However, SketchUp is a very powerful tool to perform this type of task taking into account the vast library collections that can be found in the 3D Warehouse, the low money investment in software needed, and versatility of designs and materials available to apply on surfaces. In this book you will learn how to drag and drop cabinets that are different sizes, selecting the door style and finishes, and how to create new components in blink of an eye. You will also learn other topics as how to create your own parametric components capable to change size, material and dimensions or create a fast design using pictures or images. If you wonder how you can choose certain items a cabinets company offers, and how will you get the detail of the door style and color to be what you want, you will find those answers in this book. Tiles, backsplashes, countertops and a quick exploration adding lighting effects to designs with freeware and shareware alternatives will complete your knowledge to succeed in your daily professional life.

Learn more

Price $39.00 (PDF file). Price $58 (printed)

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